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Hydrapak Hydrafusion Tube Kit
Always have a cold sip of water at your lips with Hydrapak's Hydrafusion Elite Tube Kit. The tube has insulation that is applied to the tube itself, instead of an insulated sleeve, adding durability and simplicity to your pack system.
Hydrapak 48-Inch Hydraflex Tubing
Hydrapak's 48-Inch Hydraflex tubing is longer than the standard 36-inch tubing to allow multiple options to place your reservoir and route the hose. Plus, it's compatible with Elite Plug-N-Play connectors (sold separately).
Hydrapak Blaster Bite Valve
The highest-performing bite valve in the industry, the Blaster Valve is leak-proof, self-sealing, and easy to disassemble for cleaning. - Fits all ΒΌ inch diameter drink tubes - Easy disassembly for cleaning - Highest water flow on the market - High-grade compression molded silicone sheath - Twist locking shut-off valve - Durable, built for a lifetime of tough use
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