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Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Get your 2019 Giant Cycles ATX 2 at Wyckoff Cycle LLC Today!

Who are they for?

  • Reserved for the hardcore mountain biker, these are serious machines for riders going out several times a week.
  • Mountain bikers that want more bike customization geared towards the style and terrain they ride.
  • Gear junkies who want to run the best equipment and who don't mind getting into maintenance and premium costs.
  • Rider's who want to go faster and ride longer with a little forgiveness in case things get a little too rough.


Due to the vast number of models and size's available we recommend you come in for sizing. We can only make guesses based off your height and inseam. Ultimately you need to choose something that Feels right. With a little feed back from you our team can help find a bike that fits and feels the way you want it to.

Jamis Bikes Trail X available now at Wyckoff Cycle LLC!

Bike Categories & Budget

  • Mountain Bikes featuring Suspension on both the front and Rear wheels.
  • Wide Range of designs to cover different styles of riding.
  • Highest grade materials - Carbon fiber and butted formed aluminum tubing.
  • Downhill mountain bikes - Typically 8” of suspension travel front and rear with triple clamp forks, 27.5 or 29” wheels, powerful disc brakes with larger rotors, short range cassettes. Heavy duty rims and tires. These bikes are reserved for lift service or shuttle runs.
  • Enduro Mountain Bikes – Rear Travel ranges of 140-160mm with 160-170mm travel forks, 27.5 or 29” wheel's, downhill grade disc brakes, wide range single chain ring drive trains. Bikes balanced enough for climbing but ready for the rowdiest descents and jumps. Rivaling downhill bikes these are the perfect class of full suspension bike when you can't own them all.
  • Trail Mountain bikes – Rear travel ranges of 120-140mm with forks ranging from 120-160mm, 27.5 or 29” wheels, wide range drive trains. These bikes are typically designed to increase climbing efficiency over an enduro bike while still maintaining ability for technical descents.
  • Cross Country Mountain Bikes – Rear travel ranges from 90-120mm with forks ranging from 100-120mm. 17.5 or 29” designed for racing, These bikes have aggressive over the front geometry. Ultralight frames, narrower tires and a thirst for climbing.
  • Price Ranges $1,500-$9,000

Brands & Models We Recommend

Marin Bikes B17 2 Full Suspension

Marin Bikes

B17 2

6061 Aluminum Frame

Rockshox Revealation RC Shock

Rockshox Deluxe RT Rear Shock

Hydraulic disc brakes

Aluminum Double Wall Wheels

TranzX Dropper Post

27.5+ Tubeless Tires

Price - $2649.99

Pivot Cycles Switchblade

Pivot Cycles


Switchblade Carbon Frame

Fox 36 Factory 150mm Front Shock

Fox Factory Float DPS Rear Shock

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

DT Swiss Aluminum Wheels

Fox Transfer Dropper Post

27.5+ Tubeless Tires

Price - $6,399

Liv Cycles Pique Advanced

Liv Cycles

Pique Advanced

Women's Advanced Composite Frame

Fox 34 Float Suspension Fork

Fox Factory Float DPS Rear Shock

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Giant TRX Carbon Fiber Wheels

Giant Contact Switch S Drop Post

27.5+ Tubeless Tires

Price - $4,600

Pivot Cycles

  • Switch Blade - Available in both aluminum and carbon fiber frames. 135Mm DW link rear wheel travel, short chainstays, 36mm stanchion forks with 150mm travel and the option of 29 or 27 plus wheels. The Switchblade is the most versatile bike in the Pivot Line up. Blurring the lines between Enduro and trail. This bike goes anywhere you go.
  • Trail 429 - Carbon fiber frame with 120mm DW link travel. 34Mm stanchion forks with 130mm Travel. 29 or 27 plus wheels. The trail 429 is the second most versatile bike in the Pivot line up. Go out for an all day epic or line it up for a cross country race. This bike is an exceptional climber with the ability to save your butt on the descent's.
  • Firebird 27.5 or 29 - Pivot Cycles flagship enduro machine. These bike's are ready for the roughest, steepest terrain. Carbon fiber frames with 170mm Travel (27.5) and 162 Rear /170mm front (29) these models rival downhill bikes. Except they're ready and able to get you back to the top under your own power.
  • Mach 5.5 -  For starters the Mach 5.5 is lighter and more responsive than the Mach 6. This carbon fiber trail weapon is ready to climb and descend. Equipped with 27.5 wheels, 140mm travel and a burley 160mm travel fork.
  • Mach 6 - A bit beefier than the 5.5 this enduro bike has 160mm travel front and rear. Available in both aluminum and carbon fiber. This bike is supple and smooth on the descents.
  • 429sl - Pivot's flagship cross country racing machine. This is their lightest carbon fiber full suspension frame. With 100mm DW Link rear wheel travel and 120mm travel fork along with 29" wheels. This bike is ready for cross country racing, marathons, all day epics, or a weekend group ride.


 Jamis Bikes

  • Hardline - Affordable aluminum frame with Jamis's acclaimed 3VO suspension platform. 160Mm travel front and rear, 27.5” wheels. enduro class bike with cross country class efficiency. This machine is ready to shred the bike park or your local training loop.
  • Portal - Affordable aluminum frame with Jamis's acclaimed 3VO suspension platform. 130Mm travel front and rear. This trail bike is ready for all day fun. Compatible with 29 and 27 plus sized wheels.
  • Jamis Dakar - A staple in their line up for over 2 decades. This bike has seen several design revisions and versions. As their entry level model. You get a durable and affordable aluminum alloy frame, 120mm of front and rear wheel travel and nimble 27.5” wheels. If your light on cash and looking for a deal seriously check out the Jamis Dakar.

Marin Bikes

  • Wolf Ridge - This wild looking machine is unlike anything on the market today. With 29” wheels, 160mm of travel and a carbon fiber chassis you would say this is an enduro bike. Ride one and you will quickly see it is, and yet it isn't. With their unique Naild R3ACT 2 Play suspension design they have created an amazing machine. Suspension that tracks the ground perfectly, but doesn't squat when you stomp on the pedals. It climbs like a cross country bike but goes down like an Enduro bike. A truly amazing bike if you can get over the wild looking frame design as well as the steep price of entry. 
  • Alpine Trail - The newest edition in the Marin Bikes line up this year. Made from an aluminum frame with 160mm of travel, and 29inch wheels. This bike is extremely affordable and has Marin's proven, reliable, multi-trac suspension system. 
  • B17 - Affordable? Fun? Reliable? Yes, Yes, Yes! Built with 120mm of Multi-Trac suspension, dropper post, and 27 plus tires this monster truck is ready to roll.
  • Rift Zone - Another quality machine designed around Marin Bike's Multi-Trac suspension system. This 120mm Travel, 29inch wheel bike is ready for speed! Flowy and fast or steep and rocky this bike will take you there with money to spare!
  • Hawk Hill - Being affordable and durable is the name of the game at Marin. Another solid 120Mm of Multi-Trac suspension is on tap with the Hawk Hill. These model's are equipped with 27.5” wheels, aluminum frames, and a well thought out component package. Ride with confidence when you choose a Marin full suspension bike!


   Giant Bikes

  • Anthem - The Giant Anthem cross country mountain bike gives riders more control over their buying and riding experience by offering carbon fiber or aluminum frames as well as 27.5 or 29” wheels. The Anthem is also Equipped with Maestro suspension system to handle the most challenging descents!
  • Trance -  Giant Trance brings a reliable and solid performance to the trail bike category. Trance model's are available with either carbon fiber or aluminum frames and 27.5 and 29" wheels. Maestro Suspension system delivers 140mm Travel on the 27.5 and 120mm travel on the 29" wheel model.
  • Stance - Entry level aluminum frame with 27.5” wheels, 120mm Flex Point Suspension System, dropper seat posts, 2x9 or 2x10 drive trains.
  • Reign - This enduro machine comes in several models. 27.5” wheels, 160mm travel Rear and 170mm Front, carbon fiber and ALUXX SL Aluminum options. Beefier rims and tires make this one ready for the bike park and the weekend group rides.
  • Glory - Giant's world cup downhill bike. Available with in carbon fiber or aluminum frame's, 27.5” wheels and 200mm of travel. This bike is ready for runs all day long.


    Liv Cycling

  • Intrigue Advanced - Like the Trance but designed for a Women's needs. Carbon fiber frame, 140mm Rear wheel travel, and 27.5” wheel's. A bike designed to take you up and down any trail.
  • Pique - 120mm Maestro Suspension travel with a forgiving 130 or 140mm travel Fork. This cross country/trail bike is ready to race or play. 27.5” wheels and models with carbon fiber or aluminum frames.
  • Hail - An Enduro bike built just for the ladies. 160Mm Maestro suspension and 170mm travel fork alongside proven 27.5” wheels. Frame options of either carbon fiber or aluminum. Because girls get rowdy too. Hail to the Queen of the Mountain!
  • Embolden - Entry level price with high end performance. 120Mm Flex point travel. ALUXX Aluminum frame, and 27.5” wheels. Get one and show them how it's done!

We stock full suspension bikes!

If you do not see what you want in our catalog please give us a call, or stop in. Bike orders typically take 2-5 business days to arrive. 

Need Further Assistance- Email us with any questions or stop by!