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Haro Bikes

Haro bikes was formed in 1978 by legendary BMX freestyler Bob Haro. Bob started out making number plates for bmx bikes and quickly realized that demand exceeded his one man production abilities. While balancing his new business, he also grew the sport of freestyle BMX by traveling to various states and performing tricks and bike demos that left spectators and riders wanting more. Durign the early 80s Haro exploded onto the scene with a new bike line and an aggressive riding team that dominated the industry in both bike design and performance as well as competition. Haro continues to this day to innovate bike design as well as build the highest performing BMX bikes on the market!

Haro Shredder Pro 20
When it's time to make the jump to full-size BMX, the Shredder Pro 20 has a...
Haro Downtown
Haro's Downtown is the perfect entry into the BMX world. It features a toug...