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Jamis Bicycles

See and feel the difference of relentless innovation with Jamis Cycles!

Jamis Bicycles

In 1979 Jamis introduced the Earth Cruiser, responsible for sparking the beach cruiser movement due to its sleek design and enjoyable ride. Throughout the 80s Jamis continued to innovate and introduce new bikes into their lineup including mountain bikes and road race bikes. In 1993 Jamis released the Dragon, a lightweight hand welded frame with advanced front suspension components and a 24 speed drivetrain putting Jamis ahead of several other bike manufacturers. To this day Jamis Cycle is still producing high performing bicycles and has stayed true to its roots by making design, quality and affordability their top priorities.

Our Inventory of Jamis Bicycles

Jamis Critter
Every Jamis youth bike uses size-specific items like grips, saddles and cra...
Jamis Portal C3
Portal - noun: DOOR, ENTRANCE; especially a grand or imposing one. Pass ...
Jamis Renegade Elite
Taking the unknown dirt road or increasing your distance on pavement comes ...
Jamis Allegro A2
Musically speaking, Allegro means quick and lively. Which exactly character...
Jamis Hardline C3
If pedaling to explore the entire mountain and shredding every downhill is ...
Jamis Renegade A1
The Renegade is ready for any adventure, no matter which Renegade you ride....
Jamis Hardline A1
If pedaling to explore the entire mountain and shredding every downhill is ...
Jamis Coda S2
Our Codas have been some of our most popular bikes for years, and for good ...
Jamis Aurora Elite
$1,100.00 $1,649.00 33% Savings
These are the road bikes for smart cyclo-tourists and world travelers. Our ...