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Marin Bikes

Founded in 1986 by Bob Buckley with the intent to build affordable, quality bikes. Since then Marin has produced innovative designs and was one of the first companies to mass produce titanium mountain bikes. Never short on innovation or outside of the box thinking Marin continued designing new styles and full suspension bikes into the 90's and 2000's. In 2013 Marin came under new ownership and management along with a new bike line up as well as new innovative suspension designs that has won Marin two consecutive Editor's Choice Awards from Bicycling Magazine. 

Marin San Anselmo DS1
The San Anselmo DS1 has the on-road/off-road versatility of Marin's Dual Sp...
Marin Bobcat Trail 3
No excuses, just trail-cruising good times. Marin’s Bobcat Trail 3 delivers...
Marin Bolinas Ridge 1
Named after one of the longest and highest ridge-top fire roads in Marin Co...
Marin Pine Mountain 1
Become one with the trail. Marin’s Pine Mountain is designed for your pure ...
Marin Wildcat Trail 1
Welcome to your new, trail-exploring lifestyle. Marin’s Wildcat Trail 1 int...
Marin Fairfax SC
Marin’s Fairfax SC is a capable commuter, fitness bike, and cross town expl...
Marin Kentfield CS3
Marin's Kentfield CS3 is a fun and functional bike that let’s you pedal in ...